[rescue] Two Sun Microsystems E5000 servers available in

Michael Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Fri Aug 24 11:20:34 CDT 2007

>With all this talk of pulling the logic chassis from the rack and
>rescuing just that by itself--there's one major thing to remember with
>the E5000/5500:
>Unlike the standalone E4000/4500 which features keyswitch and
>removable media tray assemblies, this unit features adapter assemblies
>which are basically interface extensions to the keyswitch and
>removable media assemblies housed in the full rack. Same for the power
>input--it's the socket used for connecting the box to the rack's power
>sequencer (which is controlled by the rack's keyswitch) and not a
>standard 110v/220v input.

That's what I did with my E4500. I have the power distribution box, 
the fan tray, and the key box in a pile, and the E4500 and E5000 
sitting on top of an E3500. 

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