[rescue] Need Sun 3/110 RAM and Battery

earl at baugh.org earl at baugh.org
Thu Aug 23 21:54:45 CDT 2007

> Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 14:06:38 -0400
> From: "Brooke Gravitt" <gravitt at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [rescue] Need Sun 3/110 RAM and Battery
> On 8/23/07, Earl Baugh <earl at baugh.org> wrote:
>>>> * However, I've got a memory issue with the 3/110... I get the*
>> The big sticking point is that I checked the drawer and don't have
>> any of the correct RAM chips.  Anybody got any 1MB chips around?
>> What's in it now are : TC511001C-12 .   At absolute worst I'd need
>> 36 if I had to replace them all...
>> Earl
> Oddly enough, I have a tupperware bowl full of memory from a 4 Sun
> 3/160 servers & same-era workstations, as well as a few unsocketed 020
> CPUs.
> I ended up with several servers and workstations eons ago from an
> outfit in Marietta, before I got on this list. The boxes ended up
> being discarded, but for some reason, I've hung onto the memory and
> CPUs.
> You want 'em all?
> Does *anyone* have need for this RAM or some CPUs?

Thanks, I'll mail you off line about that... doesn't happen very often
that another rescuer is local...

So, what happened to the other VME boxes?  Discarded mean in the

Just curious, are there many VME boxes still in working condition
(assuming that the members of this list would be good candidates to have
some of them...)


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