[rescue] Need Sun 3/110 RAM and Battery

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Thu Aug 23 11:29:25 CDT 2007

>>* However, I've got a memory issue with the 3/110... I get the*
>>* following output on the console with diag enabled:*
>>* PROM Checksum Test*
>>* DVMA Reg Test*
>>* Context Reg Test*
>>* Segment Map Wr/Rd Test*
>>* Segment Map Address Test*
>>* Page Map Test*
>>* Memory Path Data Test*
>>* Err 2: Addr 0x00000400, Exp 0x00000001, Obs 0x00010001, Xor 0x00010000*
>Yes, they are socketed... this may have occurred to you already, but
>as long as this is a fully recreateable error which never allows
>successful POST completion in diag mode, you can figure it out. It
>stands to reason that if you do some trial-and-error swapping of one
>good "control" chip to other socket locations in succession,
>eventually thru process of elimination you'll see the "Addr" value
>change in the POST error, at which point you've isolated the physical
>location of the culprit. Presumably this could be completed in a
>single (albeit tedious) sitting, assuming the chips aren't too hard to
>pull and POST doesn't have to get too far before choking on the bad
>Plus you could then use the known bad chip in the same way to create
>and publish a definitive address-to-socket map of the entire layout
>for posterity... I know I'd be interested ;-)

Actually I was thinking about how I might figure it out...
It will be tedious since I have to remove the board each time I
change a chip, but a good plan of attack.  It is a reproducable

The big sticking point is that I checked the drawer and don't have
any of the correct RAM chips.  Anybody got any 1MB chips around?
What's in it now are : TC511001C-12 .   At absolute worst I'd need
36 if I had to replace them all...

Also I noticed that the board  is missing it's battery... I don't know if
3's needed the battery for booting or not...  I figure it should work but
just not have
the clock set.   Anybody know?

Also since I don't have the battery, I don't know what kind would be...
anybody know
of a ref for it?  The FEH just shows "battery" not the type...



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