[rescue] Sun LSA800

Curious George jorge234q at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 19:32:34 CDT 2007


I've inherited an LSA800 *without* the
appropriate power supply  :<  While I could
probably hack together something equivalent
(14V 4.0A), the connector on the display is
something I've not encountered before  :-(

Before I get too far invested in this, I'd
like to know:
- is it *worth* the trouble?  (i.e., is the
  display itself of "decent" quality?  I've
  been using GDM-5010's previously and
  cherish the A/B video switch -- which the
  LSA800 seems to share)
- any idea what sort of tolerance there is
  on those 14V/4.0A numbers?  (i.e., it would
  be easier to use a 15V supply than trying
  to modify something for *14*V)
- any pointers as to the source for a mating
  connector?  Perhaps someone with a *dead*
  power supply that I could repair or

Or, should I just save myself the aggravation
(since I don't even know if this *works*!) and
just sh*tcan it?


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