[rescue] SGI Impact 10000

Nick B. nick at pelagiris.org
Wed Aug 22 17:11:19 CDT 2007

Blowing down stone houses?  If the wolf had had one of those handy he'd have 
had a nice pork dinner.  They're nice machines, though I rather prefer the
(dirt cheap) o200s for the dual tower option.
On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 03:30:52PM -0400, Caleb Shay wrote:
> Mid 90's outside.  My lab is on the top floor of the house.  No, the
> Indy's, the Challenge S's, the Crimson, and the Indigo's don't run
> that hot.  The dual-proc Octanes just blow hot air out the top, I'm
> not sure what else they can be used for except toasting marshmallows.
> :P
> Caleb

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