[rescue] Sun 3/110 Memory Issue

earl at baugh.org earl at baugh.org
Mon Aug 20 22:13:55 CDT 2007


I finally got down to FL for long planned rescue of some Sun VME  
(BTW, I'll be posting some VME boards available in the next day or  
so, FYI...)
and in the rescue I got a Sun 3/110 CPU board (Hurrah!... what I've  
been looking for a long time ) and
even a 4/110 CPU board which I think I'll build out too.

However, I've got a memory issue with the 3/110... I get the  
following output on the console with diag enabled:

PROM Checksum Test
DVMA Reg Test
Context Reg Test
Segment Map Wr/Rd Test
Segment Map Address Test
Page Map Test
Memory Path Data Test
Err 2: Addr 0x00000400, Exp 0x00000001, Obs 0x00010001, Xor 0x00010000

Can anybody tell me how to determine what bank this is on the 3/110  
board, so I can replace the chip?  They all look socketed
and I've got a drawer full of RAM that I can swap out, if I can  
figure out the chip...

BTW, when I jumper J3100 it cycles in both diag and normal, even with  
another memory board in... does anybody know if
the 3/110 would boot with it's on-board memory disabled?



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