[rescue] Trash: IBM 7043-150, 7044-170

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sat Aug 18 23:22:10 CDT 2007

On Saturday 18 August 2007 23:04, Eric Webb wrote:
> $Work will be trashing around half a dozen 7043-150 and one 7044-170
> system on Monday.  I already have a 150, so I picked up some extra
> RAM.  If anyone from Atlanta area is interested, I might possibly be
> able to save some.
> I know some basic stats on the 7044-170.  For home use (where
> heat/noise/size are concerns) is it worth having over a 150?

the 43P-150 is a PPC604, and the 44P-170 is a POWER3-II of some flavor.  
Any POWER3-II will beat out any PPC604 in performance.  Even a POWER3 
(200MHz) is probably comparable to a 375MHz PPC604, depending on the 

I've got a few (probably too many) 375MHz POWER3-II systems as IBM SP 
systems (high and thin nodes).  They're still a resonably speedy 
system.  The 16-way POWER3-II high nodes (each has 16GB ram, which 
helps) handily beat my dual 2GHz G5 Power Mac at compiling a linux 
kernel, when you pass a suitable -j option to make.  Some of that might 
be the fact that it can hold the entire source tree (many times over) 
in dcache, on the high nodes. :)

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