[rescue] Free: Sparc and HP systems/parts

Dan Moore dan at moore.cx
Sat Aug 18 17:43:07 CDT 2007


I'm going to be moving soon, and would like to get rid of some unused  
Sun equipment.

(1) Sparc 20
(2) Sparc 10s (1 has HD sled)
(2) Sparc 5s
(1) Sparc Classic X
(n) Sparc IPXs and IPCs
(m) Sun 50-pin external SCSI HD boxes (the kind that are the same  
cross-section as the IPX/IPC/Classics, but 1/2 the height)

No HDs or RAM in any of them.  Some have framebuffers, and if you  
really need one with it, I've got a box full of sbus framebuffers  
around somewhere.

I also have some power supplies and the HD/floppy/CD combo packs  
pulled from HP C series workstations.  I think some ethernet cards  
for same.

Free for pickup in Terre Haute, IN.  I might be able to lug it with  
me to Indianapolis if you're sure you want it and really can't make  
it to TH.

If you want parts or whole systems shipped, I can probably do that  
too, but you will have to pay for shipping and packing supplies.

Dan Moore
dan at moore.cx

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