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Thu Aug 16 22:32:54 CDT 2007

On 8/16/07 5:16 AM, "Magnus" <magnus at yonderway.com> wrote:

> Something I always wonder about universities and directory services: did
> Hesiod ever come up in the decision making process?
> I'm not sure why it never really caught on.  No attempts at good PR?
> Bad web site?  Or are there deep & real technical issues holding it back?

I dunno, but when I was doing some research on a directory services
migration paper I was writing a few months ago, I noticed that there are
more than a few Linux distros offering current Hesiod packages and that
people seem to be using it.

Maybe it's slowly catching on as people are getting tired of the nonsense
involved in properly integrating LDAP and Kerberos. I've been helping a
friend troubleshoot his LDAP/Kerberos deployment in an all-Gentoo
environment, and the sheer amount of poorly documented configuration
twiddling you have to is mind-numbing. It made me remember why I finally
just threw my hands up in despair and decide to install a Windows 2003 DC on
home network instead. For all its faults (and there are many), I've never
had to worry about SASL configuration or getting the right sets of schemas
loaded in LDAP just to get a Kerberized user account set up.

I'd be interested in playing with Hesiod. Once I get done with my current
projects (preparation for a conference I'm speaking at in November, a
writing project that slips my mind at the moment, and a book with a rapidly
approaching deadline that earns me a paid trip to Barcelona for a signing at
the accompanying product launch if I can but get the draft in on time) I'll
have to look at playing with it.

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