[rescue] rescue Digest, Vol 57, Issue 19

mpickering at mindspring.com mpickering at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 16 16:28:25 CDT 2007

> I'm hoping I can hook it to the 13W3 input on my Sun-branded Sony
> GDM-5410.  I have a PS/2 KVM switch I can use to share keyboard and
> mouse with vorlon, which uses the HD15 input on that monitor.

I think there should be no problem with that monitor, as that is a
rather new one. 

As an owner of several Suns and SGIs along with Sun monitors, I can tell you that a GDM-5410 will NOT work on an SGI.  It uses composite sync.  It will not work.  

SGIs demand Sync-on-Green.  The monitor must support SoG.  Breaking the sense pins won't work if the monitor itself cannot do SoG.  I have a modern KDS 19 inch monitor that works beautifully (free for the taking, BTW) on PCs and Suns with the 13W3-HD15 cable.  With the SGI 13W3 cable (yes, the wiring is different), it doesn't display squat.

I have a Dell 21 inch 13W3 monitor that is SoG.  It works fine on SGIs (also free for the taking).  It doesn't work well with the Suns or PCs (although it looks like it does support composite sync.  I just haven't played with it since I got it specifically for SGI usage).

Strangely, your best bet to support an SGI Impact (or any 13W3 SGI) is to get a modern LCD panel.  What I can recommend extremely highly are Samsung panels.  I have a 931BF and my SGIs love it.  So do my PCs and Suns.  The reason?  The Samsung panels (especially the 17 inch and 19 inch) support SoG.  It is one of the few panel makers that build in all sync types. 

To get this, look at their analog panels.  Or check their website.  They list the syncs supported in the panel specs.  Just look for "SoG".  Get yourself an SGI 13W3 (not a Sun or IBM) adapter cable and you're in business.  Cable is around $15-$20 on eBay.  Make SURE it is a SGI specific cable and not some generic 13W3 adapter cable.  Slave it to any 17 inch or larger Samsung panel and you're in business.  Since the standard resolution of SGIs is 1024x768 or 1280x1024, any panel that can drive 1280x1024 works.

Other panels may work but I have direct experience with the Samsungs.  LG, Westinghouse, MAG, Compaq, HP, Gateway and Dell panels don't do SoG.  Not trying to shill for Samsung here but the little extra money for their standard aspect panels are worth every cent if you're into vintage workstation hardware.

I can e-mail pictures of my 931BF up and running connected to an SGI Indigo2 IMPACT (I own several) to anyone would like to see it actually working.  You just need the cable.  Very nice.  

Hence why the two glass monitors I mention are free for the taking.  The panel replaced them both.


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