[rescue] SGI Impact 10000

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 15:16:28 CDT 2007

Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
>> Crimsons can get hot (although not as bad as some).  If they
>> adversely affect your electricity bill, all that energy is going
>> somewhere.
> My Challenge L makes a good whole-house heater.  Even here (an island in
> Puget Sound), it is almost enough that we don't have to run the real furnace
> much in the winter.

I've heated the house with a bipolar circuit based IBM mainframe.  I had 
to run a window fan to cool the house with outside air.  Even then it 
got a bit uncomfortable.  I was seriously considering running AC, when I 
managed to find a water-cooled machine, which helped a bit, and was 
quite a little bit faster.

Peace...  Sridhar

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