[rescue] SGI Impact 10000

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Thu Aug 16 15:11:07 CDT 2007

Quoth Kevin R. Marshall ...

> Crimsons can get hot (although not as bad as some).  If they
> adversely affect your electricity bill, all that energy is going
> somewhere.

My Challenge L makes a good whole-house heater.  Even here (an island in
Puget Sound), it is almost enough that we don't have to run the real furnace
much in the winter.

On the general Indigo^2 subject ... Those are great machines.  A topped-out
one makes quite a decent workstation/miniserver; you can run a bunch of
stuff without its affecting your foreground applications.  IRIX can be a
lovely desktop, and even a base I^2 with just IRIX has enough hardware and
software power to do an amazing amount of audio-video work.

Installing IRIX is a PITA; the "inst" installer is probably the pathological
case as an introduction to a computer, but, after that, it's pretty smooth.
See http://www.futuretech.blinkenlights.nl/6.5inst.html.

Some sites you'll want to investigate:


Have fun!


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