[rescue] SGI Impact 10000

Joshua D. Boyd jdboyd at jdboyd.net
Thu Aug 16 13:51:33 CDT 2007

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 14:43 -0400, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> Impact 10000 would have the Solid IMPACT?

Well, you can never believe what is on the case anyway.

However, I think the Impact badge was used on any Impact graphics.

> (Oh, it includes IRIX 8 media, btw.  Owner says he hasn't touched it
> since he bought it 5 years ago, tried to install IRIX, and screwed up
> the install.)

There is no Irix 8.

Hopefully he means Irix 6.5 media.  In the 6.5 era (which is nearly a
decade now I believe), there are two main parts.  There are the
foundation disks (which have 6.5.0 on them), and then there are the over
lays that give you versions like 6.5.8 or 6.5.22.  6.5.22 is the last
version to run on an Indigo 2 (and 6.5.30 is the last version period).
The non-bootable overlay images are available for free from SGI's
website once you sign up for a free supportfolio account.  That they are
non-bootable images means that you still need another set of overlays,
since you typically boot from the first disc of the overlay set.

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