[rescue] SGI Impact 10000

kevin at pipeline.com kevin at pipeline.com
Thu Aug 16 13:04:26 CDT 2007

In my experience, any PS/2 mouse and/or keyboard will work just fine.

I have used a Sun 17" (Sony) with an Indy/Octane/Inigo (original and II) with no issues, but i think this varies a lot based on the CRT.


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>I have a chance to snag an Impact 10000, exact specs unknown.  I don't
>remember the status of Sun/SGI interoperability; should a Sun monitor
>work with this?  Or is it framebuffer dependent?
>I'm told it works with a standard PS/2 mouse/keyboard.  Is a generic
>PS/2 keyboard fine, or are there key events recognized by the OS that
>are only generated by an SGI keyboard?
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