[rescue] Looking for 4 head AGP card (PeeCee)

Mark md.benson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 02:20:25 CDT 2007

On 9 Aug 2007, at 22:44, Mike Meredith wrote:

> The very similar connector (to DVI) is a DMS-59

I didn't know that. I just knew the one on the back of the Precision  
390 I got at work was definitely not DVI :)

> But I'd avoid the lower-end ones (NVS285) because they've got some
> weird limitations ... my NVS285 (and NVS280 at work) have a lower
> resolution limit on DVI output than the VGA output !?!

That's pretty common on video cards, I've noticed it a lot on  
consumer and low-end pro cards. It's possibly related to them not  
having Dual-Link DVI ports? I know Apple's 30" display requires a  
Dual-Link port to work at the high res it uses. DVI being a digital  
matrix, rather than an analogue signal, requires extra wires to do  
larger resolutions past a certain point.

I think this is the difference between DVI-S (single link) and DVI-D  
(dual-link) cables? I know a lot of cheap DVI cables only have half  
the pins in the plugs.

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