[rescue] IBM RS6000 7249-860 laptop on ebay

kevin at pipeline.com kevin at pipeline.com
Fri Aug 10 12:21:39 CDT 2007

I'm going for it (up to a point).  Right now, i'm  moving to Japan, so i'm selling waaay more than i'm taking in, but i've always wanted one of these machines and it doesn't weigh so much that it'll kill my shiping to JP.

Thanks for the heads up,

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>Haven't seen one of these pop up in a while, its an RS/6000 laptop. Wife
>will kill me if I even think of bidding on it, as I'm still trying to
>get rid of my last laptop rescue (Commodore 286).
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I'll be moving from the US to Japan by October 2007 and most of my possessions MUST BE SOLD, as it is too costly to ship them to the other side if the planet :)

So keep checking the KRM eBay Store between now and mid-late September and you might come up on some pretty nice bargains on all kinds of different stuff.

The KRM eBay Store!

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