[rescue] Looking for 4 head AGP card (PeeCee)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Aug 9 23:00:31 CDT 2007

> You've seen Matrox's "multiple heads on a single output" adapter box,
> right?  It basically presents DDC info of a 2048x768, etc, monitor to
> whatever graphics card you have, then splits that across

Never seen that one before! Odd! Thanks for the heads up.

I'm thinking about trying to scrape one of the PCI Nvidia cards up... they 
seem cheap enough, and that would allow me to test doing 4096x768 and 
2400x600 ... PCI, but if I can make it work on PCI then it would definitly 
work on AGP :-)

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