[rescue] Looking for 4 head AGP card (PeeCee)

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Thu Aug 9 16:44:04 CDT 2007

On Thu, 9 Aug 2007 21:27:57 +0100, Mark wrote:
> Some of the NVIDIA Quadro cards run a pair of Dual Head ports, but  
> MAKE SURE you get the breakout cables as they are useless without  
> them - the cards do not have DVI connectors on they are something  
> very different with a lot more pins.
> This; http://www.users-side.co.jp/common/VGA6031601.jpg

The very similar connector (to DVI) is a DMS-59, and is a standard
connector used by multiple vendors, so DMS-59 -> 2xDVI or DMS-59 ->
2xVGA splitters should be easily obtainable. You may see suggestions
that it can break out into four DVI connectors, which I believe is a
mistake by someone.

> I think the higher end Quadro NVS cards and most newer Quadro FX  
> cards are 4-port. I have seen them on eBay numerous times and been  
> tempted. Would make a kick-ass card for a Linux workstation :)

But I'd avoid the lower-end ones (NVS285) because they've got some
weird limitations ... my NVS285 (and NVS280 at work) have a lower
resolution limit on DVI output than the VGA output !?!

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