[rescue] Solaris 9 NFS client with Linux server

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Aug 9 07:49:59 CDT 2007

>> Given how cheap Fast Ethernet switches are, there really is no excuse to run
>> a 10Mb/s network any more.
> It depends upon the hardware. If he is running computers with 10mb only
> ethernet he may have to. 
> I have several 10Base-T computers (Mac 7200, Mac SE, Cisco ATA) that live
> nicely on my 10/100 really dumb switch. In the past I've had them
> have problems.

I do indeed have some 10m only gear, some of it coax no less. (This is a 
rescue list, right?) The hubs I have are 24-port 10m and they were free. 
I had a free 10/100 switch but it turned out to be flaky, so I went back 
to the 10m hub.

As for the NFS problem, this Linux server works fine with Sol10 clients, 
and Linux clients, some on the other end of a slow VPN link. I only have 
problems with Sol9 clients. One of them (an Ultra 2) was a perfect NFS 
client two weeks ago when it had Sol10 on it.

I am fairly well convinced that I have missed something in the 
configuration of Sol9 on my Ultra 2.

I see RPC retransmissions and dupes that do not show up with any NFS 
clients except Sol9.


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