[rescue] Historical Note - BayStack 350-24T Password Reset

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Wed Aug 8 11:39:39 CDT 2007

Hello all,

Today was the weekly Princeton University surplus sale, and my "haul" today was a BayStack 350-24T switch for $5.

I powered it up, all the lights lit up, they went through an apparent self-test sequence, so I decided it was worth taking a chance on it...

So, got it home, hooked up a STRAIGHT-THROUGH (NOT null modem - go figure!) serial cable, 9600 8-n-1 no flow control, and watched it self test, then it presented me with a switch password prompt.

Ugh. I thought this was going to happen - google came to the rescue, and I found that since I have an early firmware version of the switch, the backdoor password "NetICs" (exactly as shown, with capital "N" and "IC"), and got the main menu.


Then I choose to reset the switch to default settings, including *no* password.

Now that I've got it - anyone have any exp. with it? Seems like a pretty decent switch, esp. at $5 ;^)

(I put "Historical Note" in the subject line to indicate this post is really designed to pop up on Google when someone queries about password reset procedure for a BayStack 350-24T switch)


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