[rescue] Solaris 9 NFS client with Linux server

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Aug 8 08:15:30 CDT 2007

>> Maybe someone else can make some sense of that, but I'd think there were 
>> network problems or the NIC in the server was a problem if scp from this 
>> box and NFS from other boxes didn't work fine.
> I think you are missing the point here. UDP is RAW IP, SCP is built over
> so many layers each with error checking that if any of them fail, 
> it gets "fixed" without you ever noticing it.
That makes sense. So if I am going to see if networking is the problem, 
I need to be looking at some other UDP protocol to properly compare.

> Version 2 is a slower protocol than version 3. Since you have gone to
> TCP instead of UDP, you are introducing all sorts of error checking
> on top of the NFS protocol itself. I'm not really familiar with it
> anymore, but did not version 3 introduce synchronous file transfers?
Version 2 and UDP is what I have been able to work with.

> Since you seem to have problems with your network, make sure that
> the data packets are less than an MTU in size. It seems like UDP
> packets are being lost along the way. 
I don't see any other network problems, and NFS version 3 works fine 
with a Linux or Solaris 10 client. What should I use as a test?

> This looks like a network problem to me, I'd first check out
> the hub/switch. Are you using one interface at 10mbps and the
> other at 100? Do you have any lost packets, overruns, framing
> errors?
According to ifconfig on the NFS server there are no errors, drops or 
overruns. Everything is connected to a 10M hub.

> What network card do you have on the Linux server and what driver
> are you using? 
The NIC in the Linux box is a 3c590 that has not appeared to have any 


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