[rescue] Trade: Cisco 5000, 5513 and FORE ATM switch - austin tx

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Mon Aug 6 17:19:59 CDT 2007

On Mon, 6 Aug 2007 17:38:19 -0400 (EDT), Sandwich Maker wrote:
> today is the 62nd ann. of the hiroshima bombing, and that's set me to
> reflecting on ww2 and how it's shaped the world i live in.  mr.
> hnlicka was one way.

Well sticking with the 'smaller' differences, I wouldn't be here ... my
grandfather was trying to leave the army in 1938 and become a policeman
in Yorkshire (and he would be very unlikely to meet my grandmother
there). But for some reason the British Army was hanging onto senior
NCOs like grim death at the time.

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