[rescue] Trade: Cisco 5000, 5513 and FORE ATM switch - austin tx

fugi fugi at bl.org
Sat Aug 4 00:27:51 CDT 2007

here's what I put up on craigslist

Cisco 5000 with the following:
1z power supply
1x supervisor engine with 2 fiber
3x 24-port 10/100 line card
1x 24-port 10Mbit line card

Cisco 5513 with the following:
2x power supplies
1x WS-5530-E3 supervisor engine III NFFC II
1x 12-port 10/100
1x bigass power cord

FORE ES-4810 ATM switch
dual OC-3 module, ethernet, other fiber.
boots and is configurable, interfaces not tested, never bothered.

the 5513 chassis isn't tested, the line cards I got with it are,
and work fine, put them in the 5000. the supervisor engine isn't
tested either, but was bought with the guarantee that it worked.
the line cards lack the capability to do 802.1q or etherchannel,
which is why I want to get rid of them for either cash or some
other useful cisco gear. open to any price or anything in trade.

images are:

http://crypto.ponybite.com/c5000.jpg and c5500.jpg

What I'm looking for is a cisco 2621, or a T1 router of any kind,
or some smaller cisco switches like 2924s or a 2950 that do 802.1q
and/or channeling. or something neat, however, useful.

Mike Killebrew

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