[rescue] OT: Cable Question

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Thu Aug 2 08:19:41 CDT 2007

At 01:08 AM 8/2/2007 , Dan Williams wrote:
>We have a machine which duplicates ide  12 drives. The idc connectors
>are being plugged/unplugged about 10 times a day. Does anyone know of
>anywhere that sells something more rugged or reliable then the
>standard type. They are breaking very often due to people pulling them
>too hard.

I'd rebuild the cables using strain reliefs and the plastic pull loops.
That should help if your people are yanking on the cables.  (Assuming you
can teach them to pull the loop instead.)

I have some 16 pin IDC connectors on a PWB test rig that get cycled 100-200
times a day.  I used to intermittent connection problems once the
connectors accumulated a few thousand cycles.  A very small amount of lube
(I used Triflow, but I've read of people using ATF and silicone grease)
applied to the connectors once every few weeks helps a lot.


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