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On Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 12:45:50PM -0400, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
also moving to geeks.

> > Have you read Brideshead Revisited?   
> Not sure.  Sounds familiar, but I don't recognize the title.

It was written around the end of WWII and in the 1980's made into a
12 part miniseries starting Jeremy Irons. IMHO one of his best roles.

Someone is using the name "The age of Hooper" for his blog, and
he has the quote (I copied from the book, not the blog) on his front 

He goes by the name Charles Ryder, which is the main character. 

Of course, I live in a country where military service is almost compulsary.
You have a choice when you turn 18, join the army, do national service
(mostly girls), or leave. My oldest son got a medical deferement and
took the unusual choice to not force them to take him anyway (and 
put him at a desk). It was probably a good idea, he had both a
physical problem (bad ankle which no orthopedist would fix) and
ADD. They probably could have delt with one but not both at the same
time. It will in the end have a negative impact on his job prospects,
social circles, etc.

I moved here at age 43, and they had no need for me in the Army. If I
was in decent physical shape (which unfortunatly I am far from), I
would join the volunteer border police. 


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