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On 4/27/07 1:31 PM, "Charles Shannon Hendrix" <shannon at widomaker.com> wrote:

> The movie is full of mistakes too.  For example, when you see the big
> flashes around lines and objects in the movie, those are errors in
> the filming and lighting of the sets.

Actually, it is due to the film emulsion levels on each canister of film. To
do the kind of photography they needed to do, they needed custom film from
Kodak. Kodak whipped up a large shipment of film and sent it to them, but no
one (at first) realized that they needed to keep track of the numbers on
each canister and use them sequentially to make sure the emulsion levels
changed in a smooth gradient.

After they'd done some of their first shooting and cut everything together,
they saw the lighting flashes. Once they figured out what was causing them
(the step from one non-sequential film canister to another, with resulting
jagged step in emulsion) and changed their film-handling procedures to keep
it from re-occurring, someone suggested the sound-effects and extra
rotoscoping to make the glitches look like they were intended. It was either
that or re-shoot (and re-composite) entire sequences, and they were already
way behind schedule.

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