[rescue] books and media free

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Sat Apr 28 13:33:46 CDT 2007

i want to clear my shelves of unix and sun manuals, media and books. all free.
shipping cost only. be the first on your block to display these antiques.

the list:

1) Hancock & Krieger: The C Primer
2) Kernighan & Ritchie:  The C Programming Language
3) OT: Cress, Dirksen & Graham: Fortran IV with WATFOR
4) OT: Wilson & Addyman: A Practical Introduction to PASCAL, Second Edition

		Desktop Sparc 
	These came with sparcstation 2. they are loose.

1) Sun: Serial Parallel Controller  Users Guide
2) Sun: SparcStation 2 Installation Guide
3) Sun System & Network Manager's Guide
4) Sun: Sun System User's Guide
5) OpenWIndows Version 3 for for SunOS 4.1.x Deskset Reference Guide

		Boxed Sets
	A VERY HEAVY BOXED set also called 
		Desktop Sparc 
	which came with sparcstation 10

1) Sun: SparcStation 10 Installation Guide
2) Sun System & Network Manager's Guide
3) Sun: Sun System User's Guide
4) Sun:  Deskset Reference Guide

	   A lightly boxed set called
		Solaris for SPARC
	which contains the cds for Solaris 2.4, 

1) Solaris 2.4 Hardware November 11/94
2) Solaris 2.4 System AnswerBook
3) SunSolve cdrom - also called the {Atches cdrom
4) WABI 2.0 for Solaris 2 - a m$oft windows emulator i believe.

	it also holds the following books:

5) Solaris Quick Start Guide
6) SPARC: Installing Solairs Software 2.5
7) Software and AnswerBook Packages Administration Guide 2.4
8) Solaris 2.4 	Introduction
9) several stapled  sets of late breaking news.

	   A lightly boxed set called
	    Solaris 8 Media SPARC Edition
	which contains eight cds for Solaris 8
	    (software 1of2 is duplicated)
 	        and the manuals:

1) Solaris 8 Sun Hardware Platform Guide
2) Solaris 8 Installation Guide
3) Solaris 8 Advanced dvanced Installation Guide


	A Solaris 2.5.1 media kit (includes Staroffice 5.1) Sparc Platform

	A Solaris 7 media kit  Sparc/Intel Platforms with 
			Getting Started Guide
	   and five pamphlets containing release notes.

	A very  rare Adobe Photoshop 2.5.2 booklet with cd,
         the last release for solaris - known to run on 
               Solaris 2.4 on my first sparcstation 2
		 Has manuals and license agreement

		A StarOfficw 5.1 cd

		Still shrink-wrapped: Special Focus Internet
		May-August 1996: cdrom features software and hardware
		products for the Solaris environment

		Still shrink-wrapped: Sun Management Center 2.1.1

		Still shrink-wrapped: Oracle bonus pack for Solaris 8

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