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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
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Fri, 27 Apr 2007 @ 13:51 -0400, Andy Wallis said:

> "Charles Shannon Hendrix talking about TRON"
> >I wouldn't mind seeing more along that line, but I'm afraid >modern Hollywood
> production "values" would produce
> >something horrible.
> There was some rumors going  around back in 2002-2004 that Disney was working
> on a sequel called TRON 2.0. The leaked concept was to bring the machine world

They released the story, or part of it, as a video game, but shelved the

It might have been for the best.

> The DVD commentary on TRON is worth a listen. I found it ironic that the
> Academy dismissed TRON because they thought the animation was all done on
> computer . As I recall, most of the animation was cel-based  and very
> difficult.

Well, they did a lot of the world on a PDP-11 with a graphics system,
and I think that might be why some people balked.

I think that was amazingly short sighted of them.  What difference does
it make what tools you use?

As far as difficulty goes, the academy was pretty ignorant to think that
doing graphics on those old system was easy.

The live actions scenes are all man made though. Still had a hard time
with mixing computer graphics and other video sources.

All the scenes were shot in black and white, and colored later by hand,
and rotoscoped.

The movie is full of mistakes too.  For example, when you see the big
flashes around lines and objects in the movie, those are errors in
the filming and lighting of the sets.

They couldnt' get rid of the problems, so they just added sound effects
to make it look like part of the computer world.

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