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Michael Parson mparson at bl.org
Fri Apr 27 13:52:19 CDT 2007

On Fri, Apr 27, 2007 at 01:51:13PM -0400, Andy Wallis wrote:
> "Charles Shannon Hendrix talking about TRON"
>> I wouldn't mind seeing more along that line, but I'm afraid modern
>> Hollywood production "values" would produce something horrible.
> There was some rumors going around back in 2002-2004 that Disney was
> working on a sequel called TRON 2.0. The leaked concept was to bring the
> machine world into the Internet. My guess is that it entered development
> hell after the budget problems with the Matrix series. I don't think the
> return of the comics and fantasy movies helped either.

Yeah, all that I've seen with TRON 2.0 is the video game, which I've yet
to actually play.

> The DVD commentary on TRON is worth a listen. I found it ironic that the
> Academy dismissed TRON because they thought the animation was all done
> on computer. As I recall, most of the animation was cel-based and very
> difficult.

FWIR, it was dismissed since they 'cheated' by using a computer.

Michael Parson
mparson at bl.org

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