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Thu Apr 26 23:44:34 CDT 2007

> Modern games aren't providing immersion.  [...]
> What I'm talking about is game systems that deliberaly shut off
> external stimulus and sensor input, to favor the game system instead.

This is a difference of degree, not of kind.  We already deliberately
shut off external stimuli, as when finding a dark quiet room to play in
to reduce distractions.

> Imagine a game system where you lie on a sensory negating couch with
> noise isolation, and you see the game world through your own eyes.

> It might push people over the edge, to where their conscious mind
> sees that world as real.

And, wouldn't it be?  "Reality" is a slippery notion; the game world
would be at least as real as software constructs like the processes and
files most OSes support.

Raed _The News From D Street_....

> The difference will be that the subject won't be in a lab with people
> to take them out of it, they'll be sitting alone in their gaming
> room, perhaps with no one checking on them.

Evolution In Action.

(Half joking.  But only half.)

> Interesting thoughts on this subject were written 100 years ago in a
> story called, "The Machine Stops".

> It's a quick read, and incredibly clairvoyant.

Aye.  An excellent read for anyone interested in such issues.

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