[rescue] More Sys Admin (and other) Openings

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Thu Apr 26 09:27:36 CDT 2007

> Also, what sysadmin *doesnt* carry around a nicely-equipped
> obsessively-sharpened multitool? [0]

Well, me. :-)

I carry a Swiss Army knife, but one of the simpler ones (2" knife blade
, 1" knife blade, big screwdriver / bottle-cap lifter, small
screwdriver / ???, Phillips screwdriver, ???, coarse pair of tweezers,
plastic toothpick - the ???s are things I'm not sure of the intended
purpose of).  It's a Victorinox "Officier Suisse".

And I don't obsessively sharpen it. :)  The small knife blade is sharp,
but I never use it for anything but hangnail surgery, so it stays
sharp.  The big knife blade is not very sharp; it gets used for
everything from paper to rat belts to (point-on) Phillips screws too
small for the Phillips "blade".

I've considered getting a Leatherman or moral equivalent, but so far
the knife I have does enough of what I want that my dissatisfaction
level with it is quite low.

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