[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Wed Apr 25 17:39:08 CDT 2007

Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:

> You know, there really are people who develop serious issues with online role
> playing games.
> If they lose themselves that much in a game using a mouse and keyboard, I
> can't imagine what will happen to some people when games start using sensory
> immersion.

I'm biased[1], but I don't think it's all that mentally unhealthy[2], and I
don't think it's a matter of graphics or immersion.  Lots of people in the
past got really involved with BBSes, Usenet, MUDs, MUSHes, and so on.  More
people play WoW than were involved in those because the interface is easier to
use and the barrier to entry is lower ($50 on the PC they already own, vs. the
much higher cost of computers back then plus the time spent learning the much
harder to use BBS and MUD environment).

Mentally and socially, I think it provides a valuable social outlet for people
who for whatever reason aren't getting as much social interaction as they want
or need.  I don't see it as unhealthy that they get that interaction online,
and I don't think it's horrible if they make friends online that they like
better than RL friends.

There are people who play video games too much, just like there are people who
watch the boob tube too much, or work on model horses too much.  Sorry if this
comes off as a long rant, I *do* have a (small) financial stake in the
question. :-)

1. I work at NCsoft, which does nothing but develop and publish online games.
2. Physically, that's a different matter... but in the same way as many desk
jobs, which the human race has been dealing with for at least fifty years.
 Matthew Weigel
 unique & idempot.ent

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