[rescue] Sys Admin Openings

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:56:47 CDT 2007

Hey all,

 There are 2 ( and possibly 3 ) Unix sys admin openings at my current
location (Atlanta area.) AIX is the most prevalent OS in use, with
RHEL second, as well as Solaris & HP-UX also in the mix.  Z/OS
abounds, but is not part of the job. Experience with AIX LPARS, EMC
SANs, StorageWorks, Vintela, and Opsware are major pluses, but not
required. There are opportunities for training as well. These are (of
course) on-call pager support positions. I  believe relocation may be
assisted, but I'm pretty sure there is a requirement to live in the
area and be in the office during work hours.

There may also be openings in SF, NY, and Lorain in the coming months.

Please contact me off-list if you're interested.


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