[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Sridhar Ayengar ploopster at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 07:12:05 CDT 2007

Mike Hebel wrote:
>> If we had five very strong, very -thin- men, we probably could've 
>> walked
>> it in at just slight-enough of an angle to clear the doors, but, while
>> Dave, Mike, and I are reasonably strong, none of us is very tiny.
> I think the only way Dave is getting that thing in there would be to 
> take it horizontal through the back lanai (0) and then directly into 
> the living room before standing it back up.
> Unfortunately that would require about 6 strong people minimum, I 
> think, to lift it and carry it that far.  Most dollys will bend and the 
> object is too tall to tilt any serious degree regardless.  (As we found 
> out putting it horizontal onto the tiny rolling "mover" to get it out 
> of the old house.  Thank goodness we had Johnathan's big shoulders or 
> the thing would have never gotten moved!)

You could probably do it with a stair-walker.  I've seen them for rent 
for about $30 a day.  Does anyone know how much they cost to buy used? 
I could certainly use one myself.

Peace...  Sridhar

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