[rescue] TCF Pricing Help Sought

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Apr 24 18:35:44 CDT 2007

Hello all,
I'm getting ready for TCF this weekend [0], and I have no ide what the right 
price range is for the following Macs (all have an optical drive, some RAM, 
and some HD):

G3 iMacs:
Tangerine, CD drive, no idea CPU Speed
Indigo DVD drive, 450 MHz (I have two)
Indigo CD drive, assume 450 MHz CPU (I have two)

G3 Mac "tower":
G3 400 MHz
G3 350 MHz

G4 Mac "tower":
G4 350 MHz CPU 10/100 Ethernet
G4 400 MHz CPU Gigabit Ethernet
G4 450 MHz
G4 450 MHz Server
G4 466 MHz CPU Gigabit Ethernet (I may keep this one, not sure)

Apple Monitors:
17" Apple Studio Monitor ADC (I have three)

I figure the G4s Macs are in the $75 - 125 range, and the G3 Macs are in the 
$45-75 range, and the iMacs are more like $75/each.

Assume none have keyboard/mouse, and RAM is minimal (as shipped from 

If you think my prices are out of line, let me know - and if any of th eMacs 
appeal to you I can give you much more detailed specifications on any machine 
that interests you, if you like to make me an offer. I'll happily ship 
anywhere (at your expense) or hold it for you at TCF on SATURDAY.

Also, I won't be at TCF on Sunday, if anyone wants my flea market spot & id 
badge, contact me off-list and we can probably work something out (I've been 
told I really want to go see Tutnkahmen (sp)[1] in Philadelphia on Sunday 


[0] http://www.tcf-nj.org/

[1] http://www.kingtut.org/home

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