[rescue] UNIVAC looking awfully modern (ebay)

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Fri Apr 20 17:21:26 CDT 2007

I had a look, it seems possible the chip is thru-hole - not enough resolution to verify. the rest is early 70's looking very much like a pinball machine board!

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Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
> Why does this UNIVAC board have a fairly modern surface-mount IC?
> Anyone know what this really is?
> My guess: It's a board from the bus of a stereo receiver.
> My Teac receiver has boards just like this in it.

"You are looking at a UNIVAC circuit board from the late 1960s or early 

LOL.  There is a surface mount IC on there.  I don't think those were
widely used until the 1990's.

An enhancement of the image reveales something like this on the

"9053 ASSY 7500490-00 S SERNO 001913"

Also the type of printing on the connector indicates 1990's
vintage to me.

With the fat pins and the 40 torroidal coils, I'm guessing this
came out of a UPS or other power distribution chassis.

- Kevin
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