[rescue] Finding antique machines

Michael Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Fri Apr 20 12:03:22 CDT 2007

>Later on, Digital came out with the DECsystem-1091, a re-packaging of
>the KL-10 Model B in the same cabinetry as the DECSYSTEM-20 (and with
>the same internal memory), but with blue top panels in place of the
>orange used on the -20.  After that point, the only difference
>between a DECsystem-10 and a DECSYSTEM 20 were:
>o The microcode loaded at boot time by the front-end PDP-11/40
>o The OS loaded from disk
>o The on-disk format of the filesystems
>o A can of paint

And in 1978 DEC came out with a baby version called the KS10. This 
system had MUCH less performance than the KL10 and was much smaller. 
It would run TOPS-10, TOPS-20, or ITS. It used an 8080 as the 
front-end instead of the PDP-11/40. Same deal as the KL10, swap the 
pack and hit the boot button. This one is in my cellar: 

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