[rescue] Upgrading Ultra 2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 18 14:49:05 CDT 2007

> I don't know if I can find the OBP version without 
>> rebooting the machine and being in front of it, but
>> I imagine that I can upgrade that if necessary.
> try
> prtconf -V to print the OBP version. 
> prtconf -pv | grep OBP to print OBP and POST versions.

Thanks, that worked, and I appear to have the right version of the OBP 
(3.11.2), but POST shows up with 3.3.7 when I appear to need 3.3.8. 
Looks like I need patch 104169-08 from SunSolve, but SunSolve isn't 
accepting connections right now for some reason. Later, I guess.

Steve S

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