[rescue] Upgrading Ultra 2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Wed Apr 18 13:35:18 CDT 2007

>> Anysystem lists a X1193A - 501-5445 for use in a U2. Anyone know if the 
>> X1194a and X1193a are functionally the same?
> Sun's Handbook has 501-5445 as options 1193/1194 both for the Ultra2 and
> enterprise 250.
> For the Ultra 2 to use these you need:
> System Board >=501-3132-13.
> OBP >=3.11 Version 2 POST >=3.3.8

Useful info, thanks. The eeprom command shows me that my system board 
serial # begins with 501313222 which I take to mean part number 
501-3132-22. I don't know if I can find the OBP version without 
rebooting the machine and being in front of it, but I imagine that I can 
upgrade that if necessary.

Good. This will be fun.

Steve S

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