[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Tue Apr 17 10:03:49 CDT 2007

Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> From: Steve Sandau <ssandau at gwi.net> Date: 2007/04/17 Tue AM
>> 05:03:51 CDT To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org> Subject: Re:
>> [rescue] replacing an Ultra2
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  > Four CPUs gives you a reasonable working set of CPUs to play with,
> and 4 Gigs will not leave you swapping all day with multiple zones
> running.
> If you can swing more money for the desktop, my next few stops up the
> food chain would be an SB1000 ($400-500) or an Ultra 20 ($800+).

Then there's always that Ugly Duckling E4500 from Anysystem, with 14 x 
400MHz CPUs, 14GB of RAM, at only $795. ;-)  Ah, then I remember that 
pesky power bill. Maybe I could run it at work...

>> If I can get the SSA to work with Sol 10, so much the better.

> What is the issue with the SSA?

As I recall, I had two problems with Sol10 on a U2 and the SSA. One was 
the SSA seemed to go offline then online frequently according to the 
system log. The other was booting Sol10 off the SSA. Something I read 
suggested that the SSA needed some type of firmware upgrade in order to 
boot Sol10.

Right now, the SSA is back attached to the Ultra1 with Sol9 that I was 
using it on before. The only firmware upgrade I found is the same 
version as the firmware on the SSA currently.

And, that machine is at work where we currently (sorry) have no power, 
otherwise I'd check in on it and give you more info.

What I really wanted to do was put the U2 upstairs on my desktop with no 
disks in it, and put all the disks in the SSA in the basement where I 
don't care about the noise. I never was able to boot off the SSA though, 
so that kind of put a damper on that project. Since then things have 
gotten busier.

Sounds like I will not replace the U2 at all right now, but possibly 
look for some 400MHz CPUs and another gig of memory in a couple of 
weeks. Maybe the Sun 25th anniversary sale will bring something 
interesting, too.


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