[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Mon Apr 16 15:58:12 CDT 2007

Steve Sandau wrote:

> Basically I'd like a faster main workstation that is not PeeCee crap. I 
> have to deal with Dells and such all too often.\

The Sun U20 is a fairly bog standard Opteron PC, so if you don't like the
Dells, you might not like the U20 either.  Try to go see one if you can.

It's a decent machine as PCs go.  One caveat is despite the size of the case,
it skimps on internal drive bays, and its design makes some PC expansion
options difficult.  The latter is an issue in a lot of new PC cases that
use that kind of airflow system, not unique to Sun.

If it were me, I would buy it bare as possible, and then upgrade outside of Sun.

I don't know what would happen to your warranty if you upgrade CPUs, but a lot
of people have done it.

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