[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Apr 15 19:43:08 CDT 2007

Sandwich Maker wrote:
> " From: Steve Sandau <ssandau at gwi.net>
> " 
> " 
> " I've always been a fan of do-it-yourself alcohol. ;-) I was eyeing a 
> " juice press at the homebrew shop this weekend, and thinking about cider 
> " and about growing grapes.
> i have no taste for alcoholic drink, but i could use a small press for
> my jelly making.  what do they run?  i have a crabapple tree in my
> back yard, and i got 7 lb from it last year - and that was a poor
> harvest.  but i'll bet i left 2-3 lb more in the pulp.

Unfortunately I did not look at the price. I don't think it'd be all 
that much; it was basically a 12" diameter perforated cylinder with a 
screw-driven plunger down the middle. The cider presses I see online are 
around $250 or so. In comparison, this looks like it would be less that 

I may find out more next trip to the shop.


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