[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Gary Nichols gary at linuxforce.org
Sun Apr 15 18:49:43 CDT 2007

On Apr 15, 2007, at 4:31 PM, Peter Corlett wrote:

> On 15 Apr 2007, at 23:38, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> [...]
>> I haven't actually used parallels.  I might get it sometime this
>> summer,
>> eventually.
> It's quite shiny. My only complaint is that an idle etch VM seems to
> chew about 25% of a CPU on this 1.86GHz Core Duo box which doesn't
> seem right at all.

As a user of Parallels since the early beta days, I can say that I  
haven't seen that behavior.

I have a theory.

Do you have your parallels VMs set to give idle CPU time to OSX or  
the VM?  I have mine set to OSX.

Do you need every active VM to be 'running' all the time?  I use my  
set up to do security simulations, and when I have an image that's  
not needed at the moment I 'stop' it.

One other point: if you don't have at least 2GB of RAM, you may be in  
swap space hell.  This alone will jitter the CPU and disk I/O to  
frustrating levels.

Curious to hear what your set up is, what VM OSs you use, and how  
much RAM you have assigned to each.

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