[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Apr 15 14:12:14 CDT 2007

>>> Personally, I always thought ALL beer tasted bad.  (Well, occasionally a
>>> lager and lime is welcome.)  I'm all about mead, cider, and fruited
>>> lambic ales.
>> Gotta admit that the occasional lager and lime is good; I do like Corona 
>> cold, too.
>> I also like making mead and wine. I have a batch of rhubarb wine from 
>> spring of 2005 that I think is getting pretty good.
> We're planning to brew up a batch of mead this summer, if all goes
> according to semblance-of-plan.

I've been making small (gallon or two) batches for several years. A 
small batch doesn't seem to require much in preparation for me except 
buying a couple 2-lb. jars of honey, and making sure I have lemons around.

I've always been a fan of do-it-yourself alcohol. ;-) I was eyeing a 
juice press at the homebrew shop this weekend, and thinking about cider 
and about growing grapes.


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