[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Apr 15 07:05:13 CDT 2007

Meelis Roos wrote:
>> Oddly, I've also found it actually has the effect of cooling your  
>> work area (slightly) when it's running too, as it sucks quite a large  
>> volume of air air towards it and the grille on the front is always  
>> cold. I try to leave my beers there if I can :o). If you really need  
> Well, about the beers. Airflow only helps to make the temperatures even 
> - so if your beer is colder than the air in the room, the airflow will 
> warm it up quicker. If the beer is warmer than the air in the room, 
> then... ummm... why did you warm it up first place? :)
> It's like a fan or a refrigerator in closed room - it can only heat the 
> air quicker because all the electricity becomes warmt too.

As someone suggested to me on the list a while back, wherever the beer 
is in the room, if it gets warm, you're just not drinking it fast 
enough. ;-)

Steve S

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