[rescue] Fiber optic cables available

Sheldon T. Hall shel at tandem.artell.net
Sat Apr 14 19:56:24 CDT 2007

In cleaning out some boxes of old crap I've found 2 small coils of fiber
optic cabling.  These are available free for the asking.

Two coils.
Each a single run of fiber.
Each about 25 feet long.
Terminated with professional-looking ends.
Captive safety caps on both ends of each cable.
Connectors are round, metal screw-on units, labeled "MX".
Cable has the following on it:

Siecor Optical Cable - 07/95
SMF-28 fiber
Type OFNR (UL)
Type OFN FT4 (CSA)

A stick-on label on one end of one cable says:

SN: 66397

I have no idea what thee are for, or why I have them.  They don't fit
anything I own.

Yours for postage from 98110.


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