[rescue] replacing an Ultra2

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sat Apr 14 08:02:45 CDT 2007

>From: Steve Sandau <ssandau at gwi.net>
>Date: 2007/04/13 Fri PM 08:04:01 CDT
>To: The Rescue List <rescue at sunhelp.org>
>Subject: [rescue] replacing an Ultra2

>I know this is not really a *rescue* since I will probably only be 
>rescuing a system from Sun or Anysystem, but I am looking for 
>suggestions from people with a clue. ;-)
>I am thinking about replacing my faithful Ultra 2 with something (Sun) a 
>little faster and more capable. (The Ultra 2 would become a test 
>database server probably.)
>I'm thinking up to $1,000 of tax return money may be available. I see 
>that the Sun Ultra 20 starts at $895, but that only has 512M. It is, 
>however, a 1.8GHz dual-core Opteron, which would certainly outperform my 
>2x300MHz/1G Ultra 2.

The Ultra 20 is nice - I have one and like it, but mine was the first version (came with a single-core CPU), and I was able to upgrade my RAM at purchase time by buying the "middle" configuration (upgraded video, 1 Gig RAM) and take advantage of a free RAM doubling offer. ;^)

I've since upgraded the CPU to a dual core CPU and am still quite happy with it.

Sun has an "anniversary" sale coming up, it might be worth it to wait until that occurs to see if they have better pricing.

>Anysystem has some interesting things like a Sun Blade 1000 with 2x750 
>USiii and 2G of RAM for $795.

I haveone as well, remember you are using FC-AL drives in this box, not SCSI and make sure you get a decent framebuffer. Anysystem has been fairly aggressive in pricing systems for customers that call in - I got my SB1000 w/2 Gig RAM, 2x 1 GHz CPUs and 2x 18 Gig FC-AL drives, along with a low end framebuffer for about $600 shipped a year ago, but they also had a warehouse full of them to get rid of...

>(Or how about the Sun E4500 Ugly Duckling 
>14x 400MHz with 14 GB RAM for $795!) Anysystem also has Ultra 20s, but 
>they don't mention price.

I just got a couple E420r machine that look nice, and were quite cheap (4x 450 MHz CPU, 4 Gig RAM, DVD, 2x 18 Gig SCSI HDs, and no framebuffer but with a 12 month warranty for $275 from CCNY, a similar system was $99 without the drives, but witha 4 port 10/100 Ethernet card). These system appear to accept Creator/Elite framebuffers, so could make a decent desktop *IF* you can handle the noise they make... ;^)

>I assume that would be less than a new unit from Sun...
>Basically I'd like a faster main workstation that is not PeeCee crap. I 
>have to deal with Dells and such all too often.
>Suggestions or opinions?

See above... I think the SB1000 is a great unit, esp. if you can get bigger HDs and graphics options from Anysystem.com and stay within your target $1,000. Others on th elist talk of systems that "chew up" RAM and CPU modules (IIRC), but I've had no problems with my system (touch wood)...


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