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On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 13:01:27 -0400
Magnus <magnus at yonderway.com> wrote:

> Most BBS software that was popular back in the day is either going to 
> have Y2K issues or will require a license key from a company that likely 
> no longer exists.

There was a lot of it that was open/free though.

Some Atari BBS had a really long life, and later software like Oasis did
node->node email and gateways.  The last time I saw a working Oasis system
was around 1999, and it was running on an Atari 130XE, and had four lines.
You could send Usenet and Internet email from it.

The hardware was a 130XE, one of the expansion systems, I forget which, 100MB
of hard drive space, and four serial lines.

The multi-I/O expansion allowed the modems to work at 14.4Kbps, since the
Atari itself couldn't.

The expansion unit communicated almost directly to the Atari CPU for speed.

If you had one of the Atari XL lines, there were expansion boxes that used a
direct CPU link.

I remember drooling over those things in the 80s, but could never remotely
afford them.

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