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> >Nah- you might want some government left to negotiate with, but you
> >definitely want to take out the people who can shoot back :-)
> Negotiate what, posession of the charred remains? The big hole?
> Knocked-over buildings?
> Honestly, there is no winning in a nuclear strike, 

I think you mean war not strike.

Technically speaking, all wars are a loss to some degree.

Personally, I believe MAD was founded on assumptions which might not have
been true:

1) That the nuclear weapons would have been fully utilized.
2) That all sides would have the will to continue to the bitter end.
3) Equal capability in all sides' early warning system
4) Nuclear war would be an all or nothing affair.  This is increasingly
   unlikely, especially with nuclear proliferation, but I'm not sure
   it was even true during the Cold War.

Of course, the only thing needed for MAD to work was belief that it would
work, so I suppose it served its purpose.  

However, things have changed to the point where I'm not sure it still works,
or at least not as well.

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