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Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Wed Apr 11 10:36:28 CDT 2007

On 4/11/07 10:08 AM, "William Enestvedt"  wrote:

>    Go visit Steve Hatle if you want to see a real Spam BUnker. Really,
> those smelly St. Olaf hippies are closer to Austin, Minnesota, than they
> might like -- what, an hour in the car?

Nah- the St. Olaf kids tend to be the conservative Young Republican type.
It's the Carleton College kids who are the granola tree-huggers. I say that
as a St. Olaf alum, though I'm neither young nor Republican. Um Yah Yah!

It is true, though that ground zero of Spam is about an hour away. I've
never been to the Spam festival in Austin (home of Hormel) but if you can
make something out of Spam, you can get it there.

>    (On the way back, go to the August Schell Brewery. Mmmm, Bock....)

I'm not a Schell's fan, especially since they took over Grain Belt :-)


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